Staff care

Staff Care and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) are part of a range of staff support services offered by NHS Ayrshire & Arran. Staff Care is available for all staff, at all levels within the organisation.

CISM is a structured system of care in which there is a range of recognised interventions designed to reduce the adverse reactions that often occur following a critical incident.

A critical incident is a term that refers to an event which is outside the usual range of experiences and which challenges a person's ability to cope. Examples of critical incidents in healthcare settings are:

  • major incidents with multiple casualties;
  • serious trauma or violence to a patient;
  • unexpected death of a patient;
  • attempted suicide or self-harm by a patient or client;
  • attempted suicide or self-harm by a member of staff;
  • death or serious injury to a colleague; or
  • threatening behaviour or physical violence to you or others.

If you are a member of staff and would like some more information about Staff Care, call 0800 085 0929.