Medicines will only be available for use in NHS Ayrshire & Arran where:

1.  They are approved for use in NHS Scotland by the SMC or NHS Health Improvement Scotland (HIS)and they have been added to the NHS Ayrshire & Arran Joint Formulary following a review of

  • the place in therapy of each new medicine within recognised treatment pathways / guidelines.
  • local clinical need, engaging with specialists as appropriate.
  • comparator medicines within the formulary for that clinical condition.
  • information regarding clinical and cost effectiveness.
  • resource and service implications.
  • agreement of local access protocol where appropriate.

2.  Where a non-formulary medicine is required to meet the specific clinical needs of the individual patient and where a formulary alternative has failed, or is contraindicated.

3.  For medicines not approved for use in NHS Scotland, where an Individual Patient Treatment Request (IPTR) has been submitted and approved.

4.  All clinicians engaging in the managed entry of new medicines process will be required to complete a declaration of interest.