Person centred care

 About us

The Person Centred Care (PCC) team is a small team of staff who work with services and clinical teams to help enhance relationships and improve care by gathering patient, family and staff experience.

We are committed to creating effective partnerships with patients, their families and carers, and the wider community. Your involvement is viewed as an essential part of improving the quality of services. We use a relationship centred care approach, where the experiences of all parties involved in giving and receiving care are valued.

We have the tools to support teams to assess their current issues and work towards developing improvements in person centred care.

The PCC team

Irene Wilson

Person Centred Care Manager

01563 826079

Team lead

Carole Thomson

Person Centred Care Officer

01563 826809

Leads on ward experience and patient stories

Kenny Milne

Person Centred Care Officer

07825 227803

Leads on public involvement

Wilma White

Person Centred Care Officer

01563 826082

Leads on quality indicators

Donna Smith

Person Centred Care Officer

01563 826083

Leads on compassionate connections

Eileen D’Agostino

Team Secretary

01563 826083

Team support


Your stories

Collecting people’s stories is integral to the work of the PCC team. They provide important feedback about how services are being provided and experienced by our patients, their families, carers and staff. Stories can help us to build a picture of what it is like to receive health care and in what ways we can improve.

 If you would like to tell us your story, please contact a member of the PCC team above.

Our programmes

Click here for a list of programmes led by the PCC team.