Huntington's disease

Huntington's disease is a severe, neurodegenerative illness which is caused by a single faulty gene which creates an altered version of a normal cell protein which leads to the atrophy and death of neurons, initially, in the basal ganglia and later involving all regions of the brain. These organic changes lead to cognitive, motor and psychiatric changes that have a devastating impact on the individual, but, partly because of the 50 per cent inheritance risk, an equally severe impact on the wider family.

Only a well co-ordinated multi-disciplinary approach to the care and support of people living with Huntington's disease can succeed in effectively enabling and empowering families to cope with the day-to-day challenges. In Ayrshire and Arran a care pathway has been developed which ensures an integrated approach across health and social care agencies. This maximises the benefits available to families from the general resources available in Ayrshire and Arran while providing the necessary specialist input where required and minimising the barriers to accessing help and support.


Contact information 

Clinical Lead for Huntington's Disease

Dr Tim Johnston
Clinical Lead for Huntington's disease
Consultant Psychiatrist
Ailsa Hospital
01292 513954

Huntington's Disease Specialists

  • Alan McGill - 01294 322305
  • Julie Mann - 01294 322305

 Secretary for the Huntington's Disease Management Clinic

  •  01292 513954


Douglas Grant Rehabilitation Centre
Ayrshire Central Hospital
Kilwinning Road
KA12 8SS 

Telephone: 01294 322305