Hospital Education Service

Information for parents

During their school life, a young person may need to spend some time in hospital, due to illness, accident or for treatment of a particular medical condition.

The Hospital Education Service exists to offer education to young people in such circumstances and provide support emotionally as well as educationally.

The service can keep the young person in contact with the familiar world of school, minimise the isolating effect of illness and ease the eventual process or return to school.

What is the service?

The Hospital Education Service is part of East Ayrshire's Network Support Service. It supports young people of school age who have been admitted to hospital for an extended period or who are frequently readmitted to hospital.

The service consists of one full time teacher based in University Hospital Crosshouse.

What the service does?

An excellent class base is offered where young people, not confined to bed, can be engaged in educational activities.

For those children unable to attend the classroom, teaching takes place at the bedside. Where appropriate a few others may join the teacher to enable discussion and social interaction for the child confined to bed.

Continued communication with parents is ensured, regarding the educational progress of their children.

Links with the base school are maintained to ensure continuity and progression of education and consistency of approach and material used.

The service works as part of a multi-disciplinary team and collaborates with colleagues from other services and agencies.

For further information contact:

Carole Kerr
Hospital Education Service
Room 183
Ward 1A
University Hospital Crosshouse
Telephone: 01563 577818 (direct) or 01563 521133 extension 2818


Anne Basford
Network Support Manager
Network Support Service
St John's Primary School
John Weir Avenue
KA18 1NJ
Telephone / Fax: 01290 426137