Fresh Air-shire - smoking prevention and cessation

Fresh Air-shire is the smoking prevention and cessation service covering all of Ayrshire and Arran. We provide a service to the community, hospitals, islands, further education, schools, workplaces, pharmacy and prison.

For information on any of the following services, please call us on freephone 0800 7839132

What support is available?
We provide a wide range of support systems to help people who want to stop smoking, or help them make the right decision about not starting. These include:

  • individual support;
  • group support;
  • telephone support;
  • information and advice; and
  • access to treatments including Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and Varenicline (Champix).

This support is provided by a team of specialist smoking cessation advisors, community pharmacy advisors and support services officers.

Fresh Air-shire - smoking cessation groups - November 2017 - there are more than 40 across Ayrshire meeting at various times and locations.

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Community pharmacy smoking cessation service
Smoking cessation support is also available from all local community pharmacies across Ayrshire and Arran. This option is best suited to someone who is motivated to set a quit date and stop smoking. No appointment is required for using this scheme.

The pharmacies can supply a course of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) for 12 weeks. Majority of pharmacies can also supply varenicline as an alternative smoking cessation product after completion of a risk assessment. Participants to the scheme will be encouraged to attend the pharmacy each week and will be supported by either the pharmacist or a trained member of the pharmacy staff.

Smoking prevention
Fresh Air-shire is in the process of developing a toolkit of resources which will be available to schools, further education colleges and youth groups. This can be used by teachers, lectures and youth workers to support tobacco education to dissuade young people from starting to smoke, and to highlight the risks of exposure to second hand smoke. Fresh Air-shire has also developed a new pre-5 resource which is a story book with a cat puppet. This is to introduce children of this age group to the dangers of second-hand smoke

Fresh Air-shire offers a variety of training, this includes: Raising the issue of smoking; one-off bespoke sessions (usually running for an hour); exposure to second hand smoke and; health behaviour change. This training is available to anyone including staff and volunteers from statutory, voluntary and private sectors. 

Other areas of work

Hospital service
All patients are asked about their smoking status as part of their admission by nursing staff and all smokers are then visited by a member of the Fresh Air-shire team who will discuss the management of their smoking while in the ward. This may involve providing advice and Nicotine Replacement Therapy for abstinence or cessation and advice on second-hand smoke. Patients will also receive advice on our current NHS smoking policy. As appropriate, patients are followed up on discharge in the community to offer additional support.

Pregnant women
An extensive amount of work is taking place to support women to stop smoking during pregnancy and from relapsing after having given birth. This work is being carried out in conjunction with Maternity Services.

Mental health
Drop-in groups are held on a weekly or fortnightly basis for staff and clients in the mental health wards and units who are interested in giving up smoking. These take place in Ailsa hospital, Loudoun House, Woodland View and in Ayr Clinic.

Work with colleges
Smoking cessation support is provided on a drop-in basis for staff and students at James Watt College (Kilwinning), Ayr College, and Kilmarnock College.

On-site smoking cessation groups are provided in workplaces as negotiated with employers.

Smoking cessation groups are run by Fresh Air-shire in Bowhouse Prison, Kilmarnock.

Homeless people
Smoking cessation support is provided on an individual basis to residents of St Andrews hostel (Kilmarnock) and Peden Court (Cumnock).

Cessation support for young people
We work with school nurses, teachers and children units to provide individualised support to young people who wish to quit.

For information on any of the above, phone Fresh Air-shire on 0800 783 9132 or email:  


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