European cross-border healthcare

Do you know you can get your healthcare in another EU country?

Most people receive their healthcare in the country they live in, through the healthcare system they are covered or insured by. There may be times however, when you consider it beneficial to receive healthcare in another European Economic Area country.

You have the right to receive medical treatment in another EU Member State and the right to have your home country cover some or all of the costs.

You have the right to be informed about the treatment options open to you, how other EU countries ensure quality and safety in healthcare, and whether a particular provider is legally entitled to offer services.

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Please note that if you wish to exercise your right to seek treatment for drug or alcohol rehabilitation services, NHS Ayrshire & Arran will only reimburse individual patients when they would have been eligible to receive rehabilitation services within the NHS. The best way to be sure about your eligibility for rehabilitation is to seek advice from your family doctor (GP) who will be able to liaise with our local addiction services.

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If you have any questions about European cross-border healthcare, contact Rossana Ralston, Head of Unplanned Activity (UNPAC) - NHS Ayrshire & Arran