Breastfeeding is the healthiest way for a woman to feed her baby. NHS Ayrshire & Arran is committed to supporting you in your choice to breastfeed.

Breast milk gives babies all the nutrients they need for the first six months of life and helps protect them from infection and diseases, such as ear infections, gastro-intestinal infections, chest infections, childhood diabetes and obesity.

Breastfeeding reduces the chances of women getting diseases such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer or weak bones later in life. And women who breastfeed can get back to their pre-pregnancy figure quicker.

It is important you have as much information as possible so that you can make informed choices about breastfeeding.

Your midwife or health visitor can give you information on:

  • Important practical tips to help you breastfeed successfully
  • Hand expressing your breast milk
  • What to expect in baby's nappies
  • How you can tell that breastfeeding is going well
  • Avoiding giving formula milk when breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding and nipple or teat confusion
  • Babies at risk of low blood sugar
  • Where to get help

For information and support on breastfeeding, speak to your midwife or health visitor, or call the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 0300 100 0212. You can also visit for  information, top tips and advice from NHS feeding experts



Breastfeed Happily Here

Breastfeed Happily Here is an NHS Ayrshire & Arran scheme promoted by the Breastfeeding Network.

The aim of the scheme is to support breastfeeding mums in public. Ayrshire businesses who join the scheme agree to inform all of their staff about the Breastfeeding etc (Scotland) Act 2005, which states that it is illegal to stop a mother feeding her baby breast or formula milk in premises where the public has general access. The business then displays the above sticker in their premises to let parents know that they can 'Breastfeed Happily Here'.

For more information on the scheme, or to view a list of all of the places in Ayrshire currently signed up to the scheme, click here or follow this link to the Breastfeed Happily Here Ayrshire Facebook page.


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