Addiction services


Community Addiction Services are now delivered within East, North and South Health and Social Care Partnership areas. We now also have a facility within Woodland View at Ayrshire Central Hospital and an Ayrshire-wide Prevention and Service Support Team.


Community Addiction Services - what do we do?

We offer a number of different interventions including:

  • support to stop taking drugs and alcohol;
  • mental health services-related treatment and support;
  • physical and sexual health interventions;
  • injecting equipment provision (needle exchange);
  • opiate replacement therapy, medication prescribing and recovery support;
  • naloxone training and supply;
  • occupational therapy interventions;
  • alcohol brief interventions;
  • medication monitoring and management;
  • a recovery approach tailored to specific needs, with regular reviews;
  • a joint approach to help individuals identify recovery goals; and
  • support can include home visits and support to attend appointments.


In North Ayrshire, the NHS and North Ayrshire Council Addiction teams merged in May 2016 to become an integrated North Ayrshire Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service (NADARS). In addition to the interventions detailed above, the service also offers: 

  • a range of active recovery lifestyle balance groups and a range of group work programmes including relapse prevention, anxiety management, Moving on Together (MOT) and Self Management and Recovery (SMART) facilitation;
  • female support group Women in North Ayrshire (WINA) and parental substance misuse; and
  • social work assessment and support.

Contact details

  • North Ayrshire Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service (NADARS): 01294 476000
  • East Ayrshire Addiction Service: 01563 574237
  • South Ayrshire Addiction Service: 01292 559800

These services are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Outside these times contact NHS24 on 111


Ward 5 (Addiction facility), Woodland View, Ayrshire Central Hospital

Ward 5 is a residential unit, which provides a specialist service for residents of Ayrshire and Arran over the age of 16, who have an alcohol and/or drug problem and mental health issues. The ward has 10 beds for residential care (five for rehabilitation and five for detoxification) with an additional eight day care places available.

Ward 5 provides a flexible service based on the needs of each individual person. The main treatment is through one-to-one support and group work, with each workshop designed to support each person on their road to recovery.

Treatments available consist of:

  • a detoxification programme (usually up to one week);
  • a residential four-week programme;
  • assessment of mental health and wellbeing; and
  • a structured day attendance programme.

 Contact details

  • Ward 5, Woodland View: 01294 322377


Prevention and Service Support Team (PSST)

Improving knowledge of addictions through education and training.            

The PSST provide a range of courses related to drugs and alcohol as well as support and access to a range of prevention activities across Ayrshire. The training and support provided is offered through an addiction training calendar which provides structured planned courses throughout the year and through the development of eLearning packages. Additional training is delivered as requested from individual services and areas. This approach allows for a flexible response to the individual needs of the local areas and to deliver against national and local initiatives and drivers.

The team also provides support, co-ordination and facilitation for campaigns and initiatives which support national and local agreed targets and service developments. These include Alcohol Brief Interventions (ABI) and the individual NHS, Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADP) and Blood Borne Virus (BBV) sub-groups and work streams the team support.

The team is also responsible for the co-ordination of service development activity across NHS Ayrshire & Arran Addiction Services. This involves local and national reporting of activity, benchmarking and identification of best practice and agreed standards of care, risk management, clinical and non-clinical audit and review and support to service development initiatives across Addiction Services

 Contact details

  • The PSST: 01294 322339


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