Actively Engaged - resource for those who care for older people

Making a positive difference to people's lives by supporting those who care for them 



Actively Engaged is a place on our website where people who care for older people can find high quality, easy-to-read, practical help and advice.

It was put together by Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) together with local authorities and independent groups who also provide care for older people. 

The tools and techniques can be used in hospital, in day care settings in the community, in care homes and in a person’s own home.

It is based on ‘Make every moment count’, a Scottish national guide that values everyday activity and has five key messages:

  1. Get to know me.

  2. It’s not just what you do, it’s how you make me feel.

  3. Know what I can do and support me to do it.

  4. Help me feel comfortable, safe and secure in my surroundings.

  5. Remember little things all add up.

You can read more about how to make every moment count, here.


Some of the Actively Engaged tools you can use


  • Pocket ideas: A moment in time - an award-winning project is a pocket tool of prepared prompts that can be used to begin a conversation with older people. How we approach people matters, and how we help people engage in purposeful activity is important. To find out more about Pocket ideas, click here.
  • Living well through activity in care homes - click here for more information and to sign up to support this initiative.
  • Health Promoting Care Homes (HPCH) Survey - click here to fill out a survey about merging the HPCH Survey with the Activity Network Forum and click here to print it out and email it.


Websites you can use to help engage older people in meaningful activity


Resources that you can order at our online library and health information shop 


Canny cooking - heat retention cookery (HRC)

  • Canny cooking - our blog which explains what the Canny cooker is and how it can be used to address fuel poverty and to encourage older people to cook more healthy meals.