Due to the nature of ICU, the procedures carried out in our unit and the vulnerability of our patients to infection, our visiting guidelines are different than in the main hospitals.


  • Visitors are generally welcome from 2pm to 3pm, and 6.30pm to 7.30pm every day.
  • Visiting is restricted to two visitors at any one time and only immediate next of kin and close family are allowed to visit.
  • To respect our patient's confidentiality, there is no visiting during the doctors' ward round.
  • It may be that we have to vary visiting times and interrupt visits due to the condition of our patients or the care they need. 
  • Children, in some circumstances, may be allowed to visit, but this should be discussed in advance with the bedside nurse or the nurse in charge. 
  • Visitors must ring the doorbell and wait for a member of staff before entering the unit
  • Please enter and leave through the emergency department between 10pm and 6.30am.

As patients in the ICU are more vulnerable to infection, we ask you:

  • to remove outer coats or jackets and leave them on the peg provided making sure that there are no valuables left in your pockets;
  • to wash your hands before and after visiting at the sink areas provided;
  • not to bring plants or flowers into the unit; and
  • to speak to the nursing staff before entering the main unit if you have been in contact with infectious diseases, such as chicken pox and shingles.



We appreciate your co-operation with us and will always ensure that you have enough time to spend with your relative.