PST - Substance Misuse Prevention in Community Education (SPiCE)

The team have developed the educational  SPiCE resource to be inclusive and valuing of all young people around the Curriculum for Excellence Health and Wellbeing experiences and outcomes for substance misuse where :

"Learners develop their understanding of the use and misuse of a variety of substances including over the counter and prescribed medicines, alcohol drugs tobacco and solvents.  They explore and develop their understanding of the impact of risk-taking behaviour on their life choices.  The experiences and outcomes will enable learners to make informed personal choices with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles."

The resource provides a consistent approach to the delivery of substance misuse education, providing teachers with:

  • Clear topic lesson plans including:  PowerPoint presentations with additional notes,  reading material and extension activities;
  • Interactive group work for learner participation;
  • Up to date accurate information; and
  • Skills base learning.

Topics covered within the resource are:

Alcohol: Alcohol Awareness, Alcohol & Risk, Alcohol Related Brain Damage, Drink Spiking, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Substance Use/Misuse: Drug Effects, New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), Performance &  Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDS), Stimulants, Substance Use & Driving, Understanding Substance Use, Volatile Substance Abuse.

Attitudes and Behaviours: Attitudes towards Substance Use, Peer Pressure and Saying No.

For further information about the resource please contact: 

Adelle Still, Addictions Education and Prevention Specialist, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, Prevention & Service Support Team.

Tel:  01563 826313