PST - Service Development

Service Development continue to support the service in providing the right care, at the right time, in the right way for service users of NHS Addiction Services throughout Ayrshire and Arran and to ensure they receive the best care and treatment possible by embedding the six strands of quality - effective, efficient, safe, timely, patient-centred and equitable - therefore providing a more streamlined approach relating to all aspects of Clinical Governance. 

Service support includes the regular undertaking and compilation of audits including those determined by the organisation or directorate, such as Record Keeping, Customer Care Commitments and Client Satisfaction. Audits measuring compliance are also required in relation to recommendations identified from adverse incidents.  Service development provides support to each locality area within NHS Addiction Services to complete Action Plans and gather evidence required to demonstrate implementation and effectiveness of learning. Service Development are also utilised by the training team and clinicians to help in the development of recording and reporting systems as well as the collation and analysing of data. We also support the streamlining and embedding of processes and the development of any new guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Local Operating Procedures (LOPs) and new information resources. These work streams link with a number of strategic drivers including the Clinical Governance agenda to ensure the service we are providing within Addiction Services is of the highest quality possible and targets are met by measuring efficiency and effectiveness. 

For further information about service development within Addictions Services, please contact:

Denise Brown, Addictions Service Development Facilitator Specialist

Chris Myles,Addictions Prevention and Facilitator Specialist

Gary Spence,Service Development Assistant