PST - Alcohol Brief Interventions

Alcohol Brief Interventions HEAT Standard 2015/2016

The HEAT Standard helps tackle hazardous and harmful drinking, which contributes significantly to Scotland's morbidity, mortality and social harm.

Brief interventions have been proven to be a highly effective and evidence-based early intervention for those individuals who are drinking at hazardous and harmful levels to moderate their level of drinking and thereby reduce their risk of developing more serious alcohol-related problems.  Brief interventions provide an important opportunity to highlight potentially harmful behaviours and provide individuals with the tools to make informed choices about how they drink and reduce the risk to their health.

The HEAT Standard requested that NHS Ayrshire & Arran deliver 4,275 ABIs during 2015/2016.  The target was exceeded with Ayrshire and Arran delivering a total of 4,931 ABIs.

The target set for NHS Ayrshire & Arran, which is outlined in the HEAT Standard National Guidance for 2016/17, is to deliver another 4,275 ABIs during this period. Alcohol Brief Interventions Learnpro module and training sessions.

Alcohol Brief Interventions Learnpro module and training sessions

An ABI Learnpro module is available for staff to complete.  The module can be utilised as a refresher tool, for those who may struggle to manage time away from their work base, or as an introduction to ABI. 

A full day face to face ABI training day is also available (please see the Ayrshire Addiction Training Calendar for details). Shorter training sessions can also be arranged on an ad-hoc basis to meet individual needs.

For further information on ABI please contact Chris Myles on 01563 826214.