PST - Ad hoc training and health events

Individual requests for training

In addition to co-ordinating and delivering the training courses featured in the Addiction Training calendar, the Prevention and Service Support Team receive a number of requests for 'in-house' training. These training sessions are provided free of charge and take place at the venue of the organisation's choice. These specially commissioned courses are designed around the needs of the organisation or agency and are delivered face-to-face by our trainers.

The team has a flexible approach to these individual training requests, with the possibility of sessions being delivered at weekends and evenings if these are the most suitable options for the participants. The organisations requesting training have varied requirements and as a result the sessions can be run as two-day, one-day, or half-day events. Awareness sessions of a few hours are also delivered regularly. We would ask for a minimum of eight participants for these in-house events. If you require training for less than eight participants you may be put on a waiting list until training can be combined with another request and delivered at a mutually suitable time and venue. 

Health events

The team can also provide an information stand at any health event or conference.  We have a varied stock of alcohol and drug information resources which we can select from, again dependent on the specific event and request.  There is also the option of making it quite interactive with the use of beer goggles, pouring units and exploring the drug box.  

Should you wish to request any ad-hoc training or our attendance at a Health event with an information stall, please contact the PSST and ask for a training needs request form. This allows you to detail your requirements and ensures the best package is designed to fit your needs. For more information you can also contact the team on 01563 826223.