Life after ICU - InS:PIRE

InS:PIRE is a new multidisciplinary programme (a programme involving a group of health care workers who are members of different disciplines each providing specific services to the patient, for example, physiotherapists, pharmacists, and consultants) aimed at identifying the common physical, psychological and social issues that you may have developed as a result of your or your loved one's stay in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
Often these issues are independent of the medical problem that brought the patient to ICU in the first place.  Where appropriate, we also invite the family/caregiver to attend because being critically ill can affect more than the patient and their medical care. 
InS:PIRE promotes recovery in all three aspects (physical, mental and social) through a combination of medical, nursing, physiotherapy, psychological, pharmacy and social support. The emphasis is on giving you the tools to move forward with your lives.  We merely provide the stepping stones for you to achieve the goals you want.  We don’t want your time in ICU to define who you are, so if there is anything we can help you with, we will do whatever we can.

Patient story

Pharmacy intervention

The role of clinical psychology

The programme


The InS:PIRE team
David Kimmett (charge nurse), Dr Peter O'Brien (consultant), Sylvia Corbett (secretary), Audrey Lawson (nurse), Geraldine Ovens (quality improvement), Laura Haggarty (physiotherapist), Rodger McBride (nurse), Pauline Murray (deputy charge nurse), Stephanie Frearson (quality improvement), Susan Sheddon (nurse).