ICU - Ins:PIRE programme details

Week 1 - 3    
Group physiotherapy (at an appropriate level)
Short talk on Goal Setting
One-to-one appointments with the physiotherapist, pharmacist and consultant/nurse to discuss the patient’s ICU experience. 
An appointment with medical/nursing staff to discuss a summary (which you get to take home) of what happened to the patient whilst in intensive care, as memories are often lost during this time.
Week 4
Group physiotherapy followed by:
Fatigue Management – pacing, planning and prioritising
Clinical psychology services will provide a group session of information/ advice on common psychological problems following critical illness and guidance will be provided.

Week 5
Group physiotherapy followed by:
Improving physical activity after ICU
Social prescription week – Social work, Citizens advice bureau and other appropriate services will present what they have to offer and will pick up referrals or signpost to services as necessary.

Follow up – one afternoon session will be organised for 3 and 12 months post InS:PIRE to monitor progress and any referrals made during the programme.
Each week we encourage chatting over tea and coffee with other patients and families as we have found common problems are experienced by more than one individual. They indeed might provide some of the answers!  We try and provide a relaxed sociable setting and please feel free to speak freely. At all times we maintain the confidentiality of each patient’s story but please feel free to share with others if you feel comfortable to do so.