Hearing aid repairs, battery service, hearing aid service and battery books

Open Access service 

The Audiology Service provides an "Open Access" service that allows existing hearing aid users who experience sudden difficulties with their hearing aids to visit the Audiology Department and ask for emergency help without the need for an appointment. This includes those who may have had an accident with their hearing aid where it has been lost or broken. 

The Open Access service allows NHS Ayrshire & Arran hearing aid users to visit the Audiology department without an appointment Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12noon and 2pm to 4pm. 

Hearing aid users or someone on their behalf can attend these sessions to ask for help with the repair or maintenance of their hearing aids. People using this service are seen on a "first come, first served basis". Typically, the visit will be a short one (around five minutes) that addresses an immediate problem. The Open Access service cannot be used for more complex issues such as

  • long standing problems with the use of a hearing aid,
  • a request for a hearing aid fitting to be reviewed, or
  • for a hearing test.

Complex issues require an appointment due to the amount of time that may be needed to resolve the problem. 

Hearing aid battery service 

At the time of fitting, all hearing aid users are provided with two sets of batteries per hearing aid. They are asked to request replacement batteries when half the supply has been used. This ensures that you never run out of batteries and helps us manage the ordering and supply of batteries for the service and its users. 

We respectfully ask that you follow this guidance and understand that staff will only issue the appropriate number of batteries based on this arrangement. 

Hearing aid users are reminded that in addition to collecting batteries in person, the service also operates a postal battery service which can be used as an alternative to calling in to the Audiology department. There are also a number of local outlets in the community that that supply NHS hearing aid users with batteries free of charge. These are run by local charities with support from the Audiology Service. We encourage you to use these local services to collect new batteries and for help with retubing your earmoulds, as these community services will often be more conveniently located. 

We also ask that whenever you attend the Audiology service or one of the community services, regardless of the reason, that you always bring your hearing aid service/battery book with you. This is the yellow book that is issued to every new, first time hearing aid user at the time of their first hearing aid fitting. This makes the process of supplying replacement batteries and other consumables easier and reduces the chances of you being given the wrong batteries. 

Locations of battery outlets in your local community that also provide earmould retubing services - click here

Action on Hearing Loss (AoHL)
Donna McSwiggan, Project Manager
Email:  donna.mcswiggan@hearingloss.org.uk 
Telephone:  01563 539900  

Sensory Impaired Support Group (SISG)
Denise McClung, Project Manager
Email:  Sisgdenise@aol.com
Telephone:  01292 266791