Wind turbines

Statement by Dr Joy Tomlinson, Interim Director of Public Health

Following the North Ayrshire Council Planning Committee in June 2017 regarding the extension of the planning application for the Hunterston Wind Turbine, Health Protection Scotland (HPS) agreed to carry out an objective review of the sources of evidence.

HPS considered the findings of four good quality, independent scientific reviews of the epidemiological research, all of which come to the same basic conclusions. HPS has therefore considered the relevant evidence from multiple independent authoritative sources and has concluded that there is now a clear consensus of expert opinion on this matter.

NHS Ayrshire & Arran’s Public Health department fully accept the findings of Health Protection Scotland. Although wind turbines are unlikely to be the cause of symptoms experienced by individuals, it is difficult to categorically exclude the possibility of health impacts. On balance, the strength and consistency of the existing scientific consensus suggests that this is unlikely.

We advise any residents who have significant and ongoing concerns about their health to seek medical attention. There are many different causes of the symptoms described by concerned individuals, and if they are severe or ongoing, people should seek further medical assessment from their GP.