East Ayrshire Community Hospital

East Ayrshire Community Hospital in Cumnock has 24 beds staffed by local GPs, an outpatient suite, 13 frail elderly beds and 16 elderly mental health beds, rehabilitation facilities, social work team and day hospital.


Ayr Road
KA18 1EF

Contact Details

01290 429429


There is ample car parking available in the car park opposite the main entrance to the hospital. You may drop patients at the main entrance but then find a designated parking space.

Visiting Times

Monday: 2pm - 8pm
Tuesday: 2pm - 8pm
Wednesday: 2pm - 8pm
Thursday: 2pm - 8pm
Friday: 2pm - 8pm
Saturday: 2pm - 8pm
Sunday: 2pm - 8pm

In most wards, visiting times are from 2pm to 8pm. However, there may be times when you will be asked to leave the ward. These include: • when staff need to provide personal care; • when staff need to treat or speak to patients in private; • if patients need to leave the ward for tests; or • if visitors’ behaviour disrupts other patients or staff. Please take these points into consideration and check with the ward before making planning your visit.

Additional information

•Burnock Ward - 01290 427200
•Marchburn Ward - 01290 427201
•Pennelburn Ward - 01290 427202
•Roseburn Ward - 01290 427203
•Holmburn Ward - 01290 427204
•Day Hospital - 01290 427205
•Therapy reception (9am to 3pm) - 01290 427219
•Therapy office - 01290 427213
•Outpatients reception - 01290 427222 or 01290 427223
•X-ray office - 01290 427224

Smoke Free Grounds

The days of smoking on NHS grounds have drawn to a close. All our hospital premises and grounds are now smoke-free. Visit our Smoke Free policy page for more information.

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