Music Therapy

Service Overview

Music Therapy focusses mainly on your emotional life, using co-improvised music to give you a way of expressing a true account of your inner world. Through this joint emotional exploration, our therapists are able to understand what motivates communication patterns and ways of relating. We pay attention to the subtleties of communication and how these may impact on the way you relate to the world. A psychodynamic (an approach to psychology that emphasizes systematic study of the psychological forces that underlie human behavior, feelings, and emotions and how they might relate to early experience) approach is used in which the client and therapist work very much together in order to address the emotional needs of the client.

The Music Therapy department is based in the Adult Learning Disability Service and consists of one full time music therapist, and a part time music therapy technical instructor. The music therapist is registered with The British Association of Music Therapy and the Health and Care Professions Council and adheres to the Codes of Ethics, standards and regulations of those organisations.

Individuals and groups are seen for weekly or more frequent therapy to address the following issues:

  • Emotional difficulties
  • Communication problems
  • Behavioural issues
  • Social interaction difficulties


Appointments and Clinics

Before your appointment

You will be contacted when we receive your referral to arrange an appointment time that suits you.

What to expect

An initial session and/or conversation will take place with you or your carer, outlining what Music Therapy is and how it may be able to help you. This is also an opportunity to express any feelings about the appointment or about the idea of coming to Music Therapy.

After appointment

If appropriate, an assessment period of sessions will be offered and arranged. This will further look at how Music Therapy may be of benefit to you. This assessment period may last up to seven weeks.

Cancelling or changing your appointment

If you need to change or cancel your appointment for any reason, please tell us as soon as possible.

Clinic locations and contact information

For South Ayrshire, the Music Therapy Department is located at Arrol Park Resource Centre,
Doonfoot Road, Ayr. Telephone: 01292 614919.
For North West Ayrshire, the service is located at North West Kilmarnock Area Centre. Telephone: 01563 578608.

Example of one of the instruments

A table drum



Referrals are discussed and made through the Adult Community Learning Disability teams and the Assessment and Treatment team at Arrol Park Resource Centre.

Reasons for referral might include:

  • Emotional detachment
  • Social Interaction difficulties
  • Communication difficulties
  • Problems with relationships
  • Emotional problems as expressed through challenging behaviour
  • Problems with self awareness and self image
  • Understanding others' and own behaviour


Key contacts

David Hamilton, Senior Music Therapist
Arrol Park Resource Centre,
Doonfoot Road
Ayr KA7 4DW
Telephone 01292 614919

General information


We have two fully equipped music therapy rooms, one in South Ayrshire at Arrol Park Resource
Centre, and the other in North West Ayrshire at North West Kilmarnock Resource Centre.


• Health and Care Professions Council -
• The British Association of Music Therapy