Physiotherapy students

We provide practice placements for students at all stages of the undergraduate BSc and masters physiotherapy programme. We strive to deliver a practice placement which meets your needs and the objectives of the University.

We offer placements within the following specialities;

• Acute stroke
• Medical respiratory
• Cardiac rehabilitation
• Mental health (selected placements only)
• Musculoskeletal outpatients
• Neuro rehabilitation
• Orthopaedics
• Paediatrics
• Surgical respiratory 
• Vascular surgery/amputee rehabilitation

These specialities may be based within University Hospital Crosshouse, University Hospital Ayr , Ayrshire Central Hospital, Ailsa Hospital or East Ayrshire Community Hospital,


  • This usually takes place within the first 2 days of your placement and you will sign this off when completed;
  • General; Practice Educator names and days/hours of work, contact no; telephone numbers; hours of work; reflective time; absence procedures; holiday arrangements; uniform requirement; IT access
  • Orientation: staff room & access code; changing room & access code; location of dining room; location of shop / bank; tour department, office and location of equipment stores
  • Learning Experience:learning agreement; feedback; mid placement assessment; library access; techniques book; theoretical learning; practical learning and learning styles
  • Policies & Procedures; emergency; fire; accident; manual handling; Infection Control health & safety; CSP Standards

Task: All students are asked to identify personal learning outcomes 

Teaching activities

The following teaching activities may be offered depending on individuals learning styles;

  • clinical educator demonstrating assessment/treatment/practical activities on the patient/class group or on the student giving explanation/discussion
  • student practicing above on clinical educator/patient/another physio with clinical educator assisting/explaining
  • one to one discussion sessions between clinical educator and student
  • peer and self assessment
  • shadowing other staff-gaining different insight/slant
  • internet searching for evidence-based practice/national guidelines
  • flow diagrams/mind maps of situations
  • observing other professions and writing reflective account
  • private study and reflecting on learning
  • case studies/tutorials
  • attending in-service training/literature review meetings

Learning opportunities

Learning opportunities vary with speciality, some of these may include;

  • supervised and guided assessment and treatment of many different patient groups
  • attending theatre and clinics
  • shadowing other health professionals
  • peer supported learning sessions
  • being part of the multi-disciplinary team
  • attending ward rounds and multi-disciplinary team meetings
  • application of electrotherapy
  • participation in and delivery of classes
  • analysis of CXR and ABGs
  • gait assessment and re-education
  • use of support, splints, tapings and other orthotic devices.
  • experience in hydrotherapy
  • critical appraisal of literature
  • Infection Control and Moving and Handling procedures
  • awareness of CSP ore standards and local departmental policy
  • time available for reflective activities or self-directed learning
  • use of audit tool for note-keeping and using this to audit other's notes
  • awareness of ward routine and managing clinical caseload

All pertinent information within each speciality can be found in the pre-placement package. Students are advised to read this and complete the suggested pre-placement reading. In this package you will also find a pre-placement task relative to the speciality and level of training.

The pre-placement packages are available from your university.
If you wish any further information on the physiotherapy service within Ayrshire and Arran, please follow this link /ahp/physiotherapy.aspx