Dietetic students


We currently educate dietetic students for

• Clinical placement A - two week block

• Clinical placement C - final 12 week block


Clinical Placement A

For Clinical Placement A, the department will set up a two-week programme which provides experience of different settings and disciplines to complete the nationally agreed workbook.

This entails the practical application of the theoretical campus based exercises with regard to:

  • dietetic shadowing
  • catering support
  • ward based observations
  • AHP team working
  • policy implementation for example, health and safety


Clinical Placement C

We offer the above placements throughout NHS Ayrshire & Arran  to provide learning opportunities in different locations including:

  • acute Hospitals
  • adult mental health
  • care homes
  • community hospitals
  • domiciliary visits
  • elderly mental health
  • GP clinics
  • health promotion
  • maternity services
  • older people services
  • maternity services

Student Practitioners are usually allocated to a locality team and a programme is prepared to provide the learning opportunities to complete all Clinical Placement C learning outcomes.

Student Support

During C placement all students are assigned an overall Assessor, individual Practice Educators for different elements of their placement and a Mentor to offer additional support as required.

Learning Methods

All students are provided with a handbook outlining the required learning and assessment tools and guidance. Learning is undertaken using a blended approach which includes:

  • a one-to-one with a practice educator
  • group based tutorials
  • peer assisted learning for both clinical and non-clinical tasks
  • reflective practice


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Lead Trainer Maureen Murray