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Weigh to go Ayrshire

What you can expect

Weigh to go Ayrshire practitioners will support you over 12 months to help you reach your personal weight management goals for life.  

You will be part of an interactive group that will discuss healthy eating tips and undertake physical activity, which is adapted to your needs.  Those who take part in group based programmes benefit from long-term support, learning from others and guidance on physical activity.  These and other benefits make long-term success more likely. 

You will be supported to set yourself goals to change parts of your lifestyle.  Each change you make will be an improvement that will work towards you losing weight.  You will be taught techniques to help maintain your weight loss.

How it works

Once you contact your local provider, a practitioner will talk to you about which venue /time would suit you best and you will invited to an assessment to start the programme.  The assessment covers some paperwork including questionnaires about your eating habits and physical activity.  The practitioner will take some measurements such as your weight, height and waist circumference. 


You will start the programme as soon as you are ready. You will have access to 12 weekly group sessions each lasting 90 minutes. Each session has a talk followed by physical activity adapted for you. After the 12 weeks, you will have another one-to-one assessment followed by 12 weekly physical activity sessions. You will be offered a follow-up assessment at the six month mark, followed by 24 weekly physical activity sessions and finally a 12 month follow-up assessment.

There is a small weekly cost for this programme.

Who can access this programme?

To access this service, you will need to have a:

How do I refer myself?

To self-refer, please contact your local provider using the contact details below.

East Ayrshire Council
Telephone:  01563 576972

KA Leisure
Telephone:  01294 605128

South Ayrshire Council
Telephone:  01292 269793

Other services providing Weigh to go Ayrshire

Practitioners are trained to deliver Weigh to go Ayrshire as a one-to-one programme within the KeepWell, Health & Wellbeing Practitioners, Gynaecological Service and the Mental Health Service. The one-to-one programme varies from the group based programme.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Service, Forensic Mental Health Service and Cancer Service delivered group based programmes tailored to specific conditions. For more information, please contact:

Caroline Muirhead

Healthy Weight Co-ordinator

01563 575417

Marian McBride

Weight Management Lead Dietitian

01563 575439



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