Our customer care commitments

NHS Ayrshire & Arran’s vision for customer service is that you feel welcomed by friendly people who treat you as an individual; and that we listen carefully to what you have to say, showing you the courtesy and respect everyone deserves.

Our commitment to you is that we show you what we CARE

Communicate well - give people our attention Attitude - 'choose' to act in a positive way Respect - respect the feelings of service users and colleagues Empathy - understand people's feelings and put ourselves in others' shoes.


When speaking to you, we will:

  • be welcoming and polite;
  • treat you with courtesy, fairness, honesty and respect;
  • listen to you carefully and ask your views;
  • demonstrate a positive, 'can do' attitude;
  • speak clearly in a way that is easily understood;
  • explain our decisions and the reasons for them;
  • respect confidentiality;
  • be realistic about what you can and cannot do; and
  • take ownership of enquiries or issues.   


When patients or service users visit us, we will:

  • acknowledge your presence as quickly as possible, even if we cannot attend to you immediately;
  • greet you politely and introduce ourselves;
  • explain the reasons why and how long you may have to wait, if we are delayed;
  • have our photo identification badge clearly displayed;
  • make sure waiting areas are clean and comfortable;
  • have current information available about the services we deliver; and
  • whenever possible, provide a place to discuss matters in private, if needed.  



When visiting patients or service users, we will:

  • agree an appointment time with you in advance;
  • always show our photo identification badge before going into anyone's home;
  • confirm our full name, our role or title, that we are from NHS Ayrshire & Arran and the reason we are visiting; and
  • tell people as soon as possible if we are going to be delayed or have to cancel a meeting.   



When contacting people by letter, email or fax, we will:

  • aim to provide a full response to written communication if one is required;
  • use plain language, avoiding the use of or jargon; and
  • provide a definition of what abbreviations mean if they are used.

  * This does not affect the 20 working days time limit for Freedom of Information requests and complaints.



When making or receiving telephone calls, we will:

  • answer all telephone calls politely and sensitively, providing our full name and service information;
  • deal with all enquiries to the best of our ability;
  • when transferring calls, pass on full and accurate information to the right department to prevent the caller repeating themselves;
  • if a call cannot be answered personally, make sure calls are being transferred to an up-to-date voicemail or to another person that can answer the query;
  • when a message is left on voicemail or with another person, return the call within two working days, if a response is required; and
  • give our full name, and tell you we that we are calling from NHS Ayrshire & Arran, explaining clearly why we are calling when we call you.

If we make a mistake, we will:

  • apologise promptly and put things right, where possible; and
  • accept the person's right to complain and provide an appropriate response.


To make our services easy to access, we will:

  • make sure that everyone has equal access to our service or area by offering assistance where needed;
  • for anyone who's first language is not English, provide written translations when asked to do so, and provide language or sign interpreters, when needed;
  • produce information in large print, audio or Braille, when asked to do so;
  • make sure that venues used for meetings are easy to access; and
  • make sure that induction loops or other suitable systems are available in our main meeting venues to assist anyone with hearing difficulties.

To maintain our standards, we will:

  • monitor our performance against these customer care commitments;
  • closely monitor compliments, comments, concerns and complaints so that we learn from feedback; and
  • train and support our staff to provide exceptional customer service.

You can help us to keep these standards high by:

  • being polite, courteous and respectful at all times;
  • where possible, telling us in advance if you cannot make an appointment;
  • asking us to explain anything you are not sure of;
  • letting us know if you have any special requirements; and
  • giving us your feedback and letting us know how we could improve our services.


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